A Developer's Diary

May 6, 2017

Ubuntu: Add new screen resolutions

Many times, the default resolution provided by your new Ubuntu installation is not compact enough.
In order to add a new resolution if not listed in your display drop down already, execute the following commands sequentially

Get the mode of the resolution you want to add
sudo cvt 1600 900 60

Copy the complete string after Modeline. This will be used to create a new mode
pankaj@pankaj-ubuntu:~$ sudo cvt 1600 1200 60
# 1600x1200 59.87 Hz (CVT 1.92M3) hsync: 74.54 kHz; pclk: 161.00 MHz
Modeline "1600x1200_60.00"  161.00  1600 1712 1880 2160  1200 1203 1207 1245 -hsync +vsync
Create new mode
sudo xrandr --newmode "1600x1200_60.00" 161.00 1600 1712 1880 2160 1200 1203 1207 1245 -hsync +vsync

Add the new mode created above to the list of displays in the dropdown
sudo xrandr --admode 1600x1200_60.00

Get the display name
sudo xrandr -q

For more details on the above, please watch the video below

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